Welcome to F. Moser Consultants
Business and technical solutions

The backbone of our activities is the implementation of data and knowledge management systems for a broad range of industries and organizations.

Until 2014 F. Moser Consultants was mainly active in data management and technical information technology projects for the European Space Industry. Now data management projects with customers in the United States and Europe in area’s ranging from agriculture to government are our daily challenge.

Currently we manage on premises, hybrid and cloud based data systems and migrations. With our partner companies in the fields of Knowledge Management, Search and Data Management we have flexible options to tackle any issue the modern enterprise faces.

  • We design, build and manage data management portals and related infrastructure.
  • We are capable of performing cross platform and cross infrastructure network and software maintenance, design and development
  • Our integrated approach with respect to software design, hardware implementation and all things cloud and networking have proven to be very effective.

Technologies: Most current server and client operating systems and network technologies. Laboratory technologies including data acquisition management and LIMS. Web design and development in the broadest sense. The main programming environments we use are Java, .NET and most relevant JavaScript frameworks

Current activities: Supporting portal systems for various industries and government organizations. Development and implementation of process and project management systems. Design and Implementation of Search driven intranet environments for various industries and government organizations. Migration and maintenance projects for data and Knowledge Management systems. Cloud, but also vendor to vendor migrations. Assisting organizations in applying the concepts of Information Management, both in the organizational and the information technological meaning. Development and implementation of technical, managerial and laboratory IT infrastructures.