How we do it

We develop mainly but not exclusively in C#, C++, JavaScript, HTML and PHP. High quality fast turn around web application development is a specialty. For system administration Microsoft Windows and Azure (PowerShell, CLI) and Linux shell scripting are part of the main toolkit. We perform system administration for technical, research and corporate environments. Handling mixed platform (MS Windows, Linux , Mac OSX, UNIX) environments is something we are used to. Consolidation of mixed platform environments to virtual and cloud environments. This involves the various virtualization platforms (VMWare, Hyper-V, Virtual BOX etc.,) and the cloud platforms from the main providers (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and others). The investigation and implementation of concepts like Lessons Learned and effective management of corporate knowledge has always been part of our activities.

Who does it

Franz Moser – Consultant, System Architect and Project management Dennis Moser – Master developer, data science. George Sanchez - Master developer, data science. James R. Kass – Senior organizational consultant. We have a network of specialists that we can call on. A notable partner company is No-Code Solution (DK) No-Code Solution are the creators of the very versatile Fusion data management tool. We speak German, English, Spanish and Dutch.